SherrieSherrie has finally given in to our persistent invitations to come out and pedal! First ride out she did 10 miles in rainy and muddy conditions.

You can’t see it very well in the picture, but she had mud splattered all the way up her back – coolio!

She’s definitely on her way to the MS150!

Welcome the the clan, Sherrie!!


BP MS150 – 2010

We are ecstatic to announce that Sanford Barlow LLP is sponsoring a team this year for the 180 mile ride from Houston to Austin on April 17-18, 2010! 

Other sponsors include: 

Bean Ride, Inc.
Media A-Team

We will be posting training schedules, recommended rides, and donation areas on this site to help everyone get geared up for the event!!

Thanks to everyone in advance for all of your help and participation!

Robbie’s crash

Doing about 16 mph…something happened. The bike goes one way, and she takes to the pavement then off into the ditch. Very dramatic!

Saturday Ride

We will be riding the Terry Hershey / Bush Park trail starting at 7:30 a.m. 

If you’d like to join us, please email us via the contact page, & I will give you the meetup location.


Pre-Ride Ensemble

Robbie, Mikall and Shel -- The Pre-Ride Ensemble

Just a note to say that our Sat & Sun rides are cancelled, because the Clan is riding in the Mesquite Rotary Rodeo Ride — say that 3 times really fast.  See you next weekend!

Columbus-groupOn May 30, 2009, Pedal Clan held their first group ride.  We had 7 pedallers & 3 awesome support peeps driving SAG trucks!  Thanks to Shel for arranging such an exciting 30 mile ride over rolling hills and curves!  LOL  We all had a great time, and were thoroughly wiped out when it was over.  The clan looks forward to many more group rides.

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