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Sherrie’s Induction

Welcome to the “had the wrong foot clipped in” club!

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Ryan’s Induction

He’s a real roadie now!  Nothing like unclipping the left and falling to the right.  Show of hands for those who haven’t “been there done  that”…..that’s what I thought! hahaha   Welcome to the club!

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Robbie’s crash

Doing about 16 mph…something happened. The bike goes one way, and she takes to the pavement then off into the ditch. Very dramatic!

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Spills & Thrills

Joseph wiped out, but survived to ride another day!

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Blow Out

I was riding on the roadway between the 2 trails yesterday and had a blowout on my front tire — a visible gash that emptied the air very quickly. I learned that the same principles as apply in SUV blowouts apply to road bikes; or at least it worked fine here — don’t hit the brake and just keep the wheel steady until you come to a stop. I had just caught a tailwind after trudging against the wind for 5 miles, and hit 25 mph when the flat happened. Lucky for me, Mikall was not too far behind, got the tire inspected and together and replaced the tube in a jiffy. It was impressive.

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Ok, so today we ran across our first snake in the george bush park – it was right in the middle of the path, luckily we were clipping along @ about 18 mph! As I recall it was a 4 foot rattler – of course, shell and mikall said it really was a foot long grass snake or something, but i’m sure their memory is clouded by fear of the slithery one! Or maybe that’s me…

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Beware the crankset

wpid-thumb-68.jpgHere’s what happens when ur tool slips while trying to tighten the left pedal from the right side of the bike! Ur forearm gets stabbed by the crank teeth!


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Defn: FC

So, I just want to explain to everyone the feeling I get when I ride for 25 miles. Two words. Fire. Crotch. Fire crotch*.


  • Fire crotch – wen u got that fiya in ur crotch. it feels like burning.

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