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Team SB Jersey Design

Team SanfordBarlow Jersey Design

Here it is!!  Click on thumbnail to view larger image.


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This is the best chain scrubber that l’ve found. It has a nice deep reservoir, big magnet on bottom to trap metal flecks, and a dual side scrubber that really does the trick. I also like that you can add degreaser after you’ve attached it to the chain via the 2 holes in the lid.

We ordered it from Amazon.  You can order it by itself:
Park Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain Cleaner

Or if you need more tools, it also comes in the Park Tool SK-1 Home Mechanic Starter kit:
Park Tool SK-1 Home Mechanic Starter Tool Kit

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We love this healthy alternative to sports drinks! Zero sugar, 2 g carbs, loaded with B12, high electrolytes, and comes in a liquid shot or powder tubes. We get it at Costcos, but you can order online too.  Check them out at www.zipfizz.com for more info! It’s a great energy booster!

You can order the powder tubes from Amazon as well in case you don’t have a Costco’s membership.  Here’s a link to the variety pack, once you pick the flavor you like best you can order full packs of one flavor:
ZipFizz Energy and Sports Vitamin – Variety Pack Energy Drink Mix – 30 Tubes



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This is what $200 pedals look like, but more importantly, these pedals snap on and off perfectly even on the lowest tension setting. When snapped in and riding, the pedals hold your feet with no worries of unsnapping right when you are wanting to pick up speed infront of some hotties and end up flailing your feet around like a headless chicken. Man, I hate it when that happens. Also, as an added bonus, it looks like I won’t be having any dramatic stops any time soon.

You can order these pedals from Amazon for under $200…:
Shimano XTR PD-M970 MTB Pedal

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blackburn-flea3I love this light. As u can see in the pict, u hook the light up to any round battery in order to recharge using the magnetic, removable gizmo that slides into the plastic case seen in the pict also. No plugs required! You get 3 full charges out of a “AA” battery. On low, the light is good for 5+ hours. On high, about 3 hours. It’s plenty bright for me!

You can save money by ordering the combo headlight & tail light pack from Amazon:
Blackburn Flea Front HL Bicycle Headlight and Flea Rear Flasher Taillight Combo Pack

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Shel has found the best bars from costco! They are all natural and come in boxes with 4 flavors – cranberry, strawberry, blueberry, and tropical. They are the best bar i’ve ever tried – basically, they are nuts and seeds held together with some fruit juices and a little bit of dried fruit pieces. I used to be partial to the tropical flavor, but truthfully now I love them all – the only difference in them is the selection of dried fruit.  Everything else about them is the same.   

Also, they are vegan, no artificial anything, 0 trans fat, kosher, and no preservatives.

Visit Mrs. May’s Trio bar website for more info

Order a box from Amazon and give them a try:

Mrs May’s 100 Percent Natural Trio Variety Natural Bars Variety Box

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Shel’s new road pedals!  She reported that she gets more power in her stroke with these than her old pedals.  I was able to adjust the tension to suit her, so all is well and rollin smoothly!

You can read more & order these pedals from Amazon:

Shimano Ultegra PD6610 SPD-SL Pedal Set

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